Are you considering a lipofilling operation?

Get the very best for your lipofilling procedures. Choose a surgeon who uses Stemcis transfer kits – they are sterile, all-in-one and single-use, enabling him or her to obtain better quality fat for long-lasting, visible results.

Stemcis fat transfer kits: combining safety, efficacy and naturallooking results.

Your safety is our priority, that’s why we have developed sterile, single-use kits which, combined with our fat transfer protocol and your surgeon’s expertise, will enable visible, lasting and natural results.

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Myfill is a small, compact kit that makes treatment very easy and very smooth. So, for every surgical procedure, you have the right instruments in the kit.
Dr. Depaepe – Orthopaedic Surgeon
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I have worked in liposculpture and fat since I began my practice. Stemcis kits have made my work more comfortable, I no longer have to worry about logistics because all the instruments are in the kit and ready to use. Also, the fat is very good quality, giving my clients visible and long-lasting results.
Dr. Smith – Dermatologist
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I was very enthusiastic about the Macrofill Vacuum kit. It's very clear and easy to handle. The harvesting cannula is ideal for grafting fat, and the fat also had a very stable consistency. The two tubes also make it easy to extract the tumescent solution. The closed system is very practical and you don't need to change or reconnect anything during the operation. The centrifuge is also very easy to use. The harvested fat fits perfectly through the injection cannula without clogging! So, all in all, it's great!
Dr. Kager – Cosmetic Surgeon
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After two pregnancies and breastfeeding, my breasts had vanished. So I decided to have an operation, but I didn't want implants because of the various scandals surrounding breast implants, so I decided to have lipofilling. The result is more than satisfactory, my breasts are even more attractive than before my pregnancies, and they look really natural. I'm over the moon!
Manon – Breast augmentation by lipofilling
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I've had some hang-ups for a few years, but in the end I took the plunge and I don't regret it at all. The result is beyond my expectations, but also natural. I feel beautiful and more confident.
Sarah – Composite breast augmentation (lipofilling and implants)
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The initial results were immediate and, above all, the appearance was natural. I'm delighted.
Corinne – Facial lipofilling