Adip’Spin centrifuge

$ 4,095.00

Adip’Spin is a modern and elegant centrifuge designed for use in the operating theatre. Its different rotors mean it is compatible with various Stemcis kits, and it features two operating modes to offer you maximum flexibility in your practice. With its centrifugation capacity of up to 400 mL at a time, its screen size and pre-programmed sequences, this centrifuge is unique and easy to use.

About this item

The only centrifuge that’s compatible with the whole of the Stemcis range:
All Stemcis kits (Nanofill, Myfill, Microfill and Macrofill Vacuum) are compatible thanks to the 3 different rotors.

Stemcis programme is already programmed:
To simplify your work, the fat transfer protocol recommended by Stemcis is already pre-programmed in the centrifuge

Free mode for more flexibility:
Customise the centrifuge to suit your needs. You can regulate the speed from 100 to 3000 rpm and the duration from 1 to 99 minutes.

High fat transfer capacity:
Capable of centrifuging up to 400 mL of fat at a time.


  • Compatible with the entire range of Stemcis kits
  • Two operating modes: a pre-programmed mode and a customisable mode
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Can be used directly in theatre

Technical details

Description: Centrifuge compatible with Stemcis kits, for operating theatres
Dimensions: 60x54x40cm
Rotation speed: 100 to 300 rpm
Duration: 1 to 99 minutes
Weight: 14.5 kg